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The Polish Spy

The true story of Major Jerzy Sosnowski and Benita von Falkenhayn

Based on documented fact, the story is set in Berlin during the rise to power of Hitler's National Socialist party. The events depicted occurred between 1930 and 1935. As the Nazi's brutally assert their political power, Benita von Falkenhayn and Renate von Natzmer, two attractive young women working for German government, are seduced by a young and charismatic Polish diplomat, Count Juri Sosnowski.

In a bid to thwart Hitler's violent regime, the women steal secret documents from the Nazi's only to be betrayed and subsequently arrested by the Gestapo, Germany's ruthless secret police. Condemned to death, the women are executed by decapitation, Benita maintaining her love for Sosnowski until the fall of the executioner's axe.

1 hour 50 minutes

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NOTE: Whilst events depicted in this narrative are substantiated by independent research, the story is based on an account contained in the book
The Nazi Secret Service by Andre Brissaud (Corgi Books 0 552 10036 6) © The Bodley Head 1974