____  A Fox-Hunting Man  ____

A film based on the novel   Sherston's Progress   by Siegfried Sassoon

Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen are regarded as the great poets of the First World War. This film is a factual account of Sassoon's battle not only with the Germans, but also with a complacent British bureaucracy.

The First World War, 1917 - a time of crisis for British troops in France. Lieutenant Siegfried Sassoon, previously decorated with the Military Cross for bravery, writes to the press in London criticising bitterly the complacency of politicians, the incompetence of military leadership and the apathy of the British public regarding the suffering of soldiers in the front line, the futile loss of young lives.

Sassoon's letter causes uproar in the House of Commons, where it is debated at length, and in the media. Opinions are bitterly divided - the majority of civilians living comfortably north of the English Channel treat his comments with derision and contempt. To the soldiers in the trenches in France, Sassoon's words ring true.

Rather than suffer the embarrasment of court-marshalling Sassoon for cowardice or desertion, the military authorities declare that he is suffering a "neurological disorder" and send him to a military psychiatric hospital near Edinburgh. At Craiglockhart Hospital, Sassoon meets Wifred Owen, a fellow officer who shares his interest in poetry. The two come under the care of a celebrated and sympathetic psychologist, William Rivers.

Under Rivers' guidance, Sassoon and Owen determine that the only avenue open to them is a return to the company of their fellow soldiers in the trenches. Sassoon is posted initially to Ireland, where he spends his spare time pursuing his passion for fox-hunting, until his request for a posting to France is granted. After returning to the trenches, he serves with reckless gallantry. Sadly, his friend and fellow poet Wifred Owen is killed on 4th November 1918, just seven days before the end of hostilities.

1 hour 50 minutes

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THE BOOK Sherston's Progress is written by Siegfied Sassoon and was first published in 1936 by Faber & Faber, London.