Fall from Grace

Television Series based on the book by Robert Yates

When Simon Young arranged a liaison using an adult website, he could be criticized on moral grounds but he did nothing illegal. Or so he thought.

Snatched from his home in New South Wales by Victorian police, Simon was subjected to the horrors of a penal system which considered him guilty until proven innocent, and to the whim of prosecutors who led evidence in court which was demonstrably unsound.

"You're guilty, old son," said Simon's defense counsel. "But I didn't do anything illegal!". "That's not the point. In the eyes of the jury, you're guilty."

The prosecution case hung on the contents of one particular email presented in court in hard copy which had been edited. Simon, in his defense, had evidence to prove beyond doubt that the prosecution case was floored.

"It will cost you between $100,000 and $120,000 to defend the case," said Simon's solicitor. "And like I said, in the eyes of the jury you're guilty before we start. Alternatively, a guilty plea will cost you less than $20,000 and you'll probably get a slap on the wrist."

The story is an indictment of Australia's legal system in the 21st Century and a warning for all those who use the internet.
45minutes x 4

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THE BOOK Fall From Grace is written by Robert Yates - as yet unpublished.