Arthur McCann
_____ and All His Women _____

A film based on the novel by Leslie Thomas

Arthur McCann was born at an unfortunate time, when Europe suffered economic depression and when the United Kingdom struggled to recover from the devastation of the First World War. Born into an impoverished family in Newport, Wales, and destined to work as a deckhand in the Merchant Navy, Arthur is rescued, so to speak, by a series of unusual and hilarious romantic encounters.

As Arthur enters adolescence, Europe is dragged into a second devastating world war. After accidentally sabotaging Britain's war effort in the company of a buxom Womens' Royal Air Force lance-corporal, teenage Arthur enlists as a merchant seaman and travels to New York, South America and subsequently to ports around the world. Our well-meaning hero has, literally, a woman in every port. The film follows his diverse and unusual romantic adventures, culminating in a romantic affair with Angie, a girl in New York who is full of surprises.
1 hour 40 minutes

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THE BOOK  Arthur McCann and All His Women  is written by Leslie Thomas and was first published in 1972.